Mount Batur Trekking is one popular activities in Bali to see amazing views from the top of mount batur. Join with us to get amazing trekking adventure on the active volcano, Mount Batur trekking Starting in the dark of the early morning, we’ll ascend to the highest peak and crater for a glorious sunrise and stunning morning views. Before see the sunrise we will have breakfast with tea and eggs, bananas boiled by volcanic steam. During our descent, we will explore the three younger craters and the most recent larva flows and enjoy the amazing volcanic landscape. During on the way back to your hotel we will visit the amazing place unforgettable experience in Bali, stop on the coffee plantation called Luwak Coffee. There, you can enjoy local product is maked by their self hand (local people) there are lot of local product like, Chocolate, Luwak Coffee, Green Tea, Lemon Grace Tea, Bali Coffee, act. you can choose and taste many kind of product with free if you like it you can buy the product inside.

A stunning view from the top of mount Batur, if you do this climb will take approximately 2 hours up and 2 hours down. maybe this will be very tiring for you but will be paid when we have reached the top of the mount batur, and we also can see all that is around including black lava, mount Rinjani on the island of lombok and the eruption of the Mount Agung from a distance.


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