MORNING JEEP TOURS an incredible volcanic region of Bali with amazing sunrise from mount batur volcano. Experience the awe inspiring landscapes and interact with local people with this amazing journey to the active volcano of Bali by classic jeep tour. Morning jeep tours begins in the morning and takes a private tour on a Bali volcano jeep tour.

jeep22Discover the real Bali with Bali Volcano Jeep Tours. This off-road adventure gives traveler a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of Bali’s natural beauty, giant crater and  volcano in one epic day. Start your tour of Bali at 4am with collection from your hotel, taking you to the volcano by car to begin your jeep Land Cruiser adventure. Arrive to watch the magical sunrise across the mountain ranges, with an explosion of warm colors breaking dawn.

22851719_2006297129615415_7152213556006645867_nEnjoy our prepared campfire breakfast at the top of the volcano with a hot coffee or tea, followed by a jeep adventure of the largest crater. Then, ready yourself to trek up the incredible sacred mountain. This is a light-hike accessible for most fitness levels with amazing views along the way. This is a totally unforgettable experience.

morning jeep toursVisit the local Balinese living amongst the volcano. Hear about the legend, history and magic of the Mt Batur volcano as the group has a chance to rest. Next, the tour takes a jeep trip across the black lava, exploring the incredible natural formations, dunes and more. From here, we will swim in the naturally hot spring at the foot of the volcano for our day tour!

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